The Chillhouse

JL. Kubu Manyar 22 , Br Pipitan, Canggu, 80361 Bali, Indonesia
Tel/SMS/WhatsApp: +62 812 3958 3056
08:00 - 22:00 Bali time (GMT +7)


Bali is a place where the mountains meet the sea. Take a turn and you’ll be back in time. Paddle out and feel the Indian Ocean. Grab the handlebar and blaze that trail. Step into The Chillhouse and letting go comes all by itself.

Speak to anyone about Bali and the first thing that they’ll say is that they love the people. It’s an island where regions, cultures, and people coexist peacefully.

The Hindu religion (Bali's native religion) is rich vibrant and ancient. The local people show gratitude to the gods each day with offerings. Asking for health, happiness, inner peace, and prosperity for all. These daily rituals emanate in the hearts and faces of each person you meet making you feel truly welcome in this tropical paradise.

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