bali's no.#1 surf & mountain bike lifestyle retreat
Bali's no.#1 surf & mountain bike lifestyle retreat

The Chillhouse

JL. Kubu Manyar 22 , Br Pipitan, Canggu, 80361 Bali, Indonesia
Tel/SMS/WhatsApp: +62 812 3958 3056 08:00 - 22:00 Bali time (GMT +7)


Island life is laid back anywhere, but in Bali you have the comfort of the first world while you chill in the tropics with no rules.

High tech coexists with toothless natives, IPhones with storytelling, clubs with village meetings, hiphop with traditional gamelan, white skin with brown, Christians with Muslims and Hindus, holiday makers with travelers, hipsters with hippies, runners with seekers, artists with wannabes, writers with xeroxers, fishermen with fashion biz, longboards with stand up paddles, shortboards with single fins, roots with loose rocks, lava with jungle, single trails with downhill tracks, full face with enduro.

Bali is an island where the tropics meet the west. Take a turn and you’ll be back in time, paddle out and feel the Indian Ocean, grab the handlebar and blaze that trail, get on the main road and be in a motorbike jungle, step into The Chillhouse and letting go comes all by itself.