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Reusing is something we are not really used to. Let’s face it, we are the industrial consumption-orientated generation, and our children will be even more so. Our minds are much rather set to having and wanting more and more, instead of reusing what we have or what others could hand on to us.

There are, however, situations when some of us tend to think environmentally friendly, especially when we understand that buying this or that is an unnecessary reduction of what’s left in our wallets or on our credit cards. Maybe that’s the way forward.

Think of having a baby. The little ones grows so fast, toys lose interest, clothes are too small too soon, so it does make sense to team up with those whose young ones is a bit older and with those having an even younger one. The cycle of reusing is seemingly never-ending, but why don’t we adapt this way of thinking to other respects in life?

There are choices to make. Those who choose are those who think. Abundance of material goods and access to them often prevent us from thinking, so there are situations when we do not choose to reuse.  Or when we choose not to reuse. Or are we just too lazy to switch on our brains and feelings for nature just for the sake of saving time? Yes we often are.

  •  We do recharge batteries,
  •  We do collect rainwater,
  •  We do use the same bag until it is broken,
  •  We do have clothes and pillowcases mended,
  •  We do borrow what we will need only a few times,
  •  We do lend what others will only need a few times,
  •  We do trade whatever we do not need anymore,
  •  We do ride surfboards even though they get yellow, a
  •  And then we do pass them on to local kids who will be stoked.

What does not make us happy anymore does not necessarily mean that there is no one around who would be stoked having it.

The consumption-based first world is so far from places and societies where reusing is more common than just going to the store. Indonesia, where we choose to live, is different and has a huge potential for turning green, so let’s do something about it!

What is the most precious good on earth? What are our bodies predominantly made of? What is the first thing we need out in the wild? What covers two thirds of our planet? Water. And how can water be reused

There is one simple answer: we can reuse water as long as we do not intoxicate it and as long as we refuse to support institutions, organizations and manufacturers who do intoxicate it and make no effort to minimize their impact.

  •  We do use bio-digradable soaps, cleaners and detergents,
  •  We do use washing balls instead of washing powder and softener,
  •  We do give our sheets to the only certified eco friendly laundry on Bali,
  •  We do provide our guests with bio-digradable shower gels and hand soaps,
  •  We do not use pesticides,
  •  We do have eco-septic tanks.

By helping us and by making our mission yours, you choose to support the planet.

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