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Reducing is something we are not really used to in the modern world. Our minds are much rather set to having and wanting more and more, as far as consumption goes.

What concerns the issue of electricity, petrol and water usage, many of us do not even think about it, as power comes out of the plug, petrol flows out of the gas pump and water starts running as soon as we turn on the tab.

Why would you want to reduce something that seemingly exists in abundance? Appreciation is a good word to answer that question. Not taking it for granted.

Yes, we are big on reducing fumes. We supply our guests with beach cruisers free of charge, giving everyone the chance to take the pushbike down to the beach, riding along the countryside, soaking up nature, getting in close contact with the locals, waving at the kids, feeling like back in the days of our childhood.

The majority of food we serve is locally grown. Organically of course. By not buying it from stores selling overseas goods, we contribute a great deal to reducing fumes, because we save all these miles of transportation.

The line is thin between fulfilling expectations of tastes and at the same time being earth conscious and locally supportive, because Bali is an island with limited resources. Therefore we have to compromise to shipping in as little as possible, constantly searching for new opportunities.

Most of our team are from the village we live in. They do not need to ride their motorbikes to work, they can walk. No unnecessary impairment of nature, no extra strain on their wallets, no time wasted in traffic. Currently we have 36 employees, so it does make a difference that we prefer to employ those who live close by. Those who do live further away are encouraged to share their rides and to rethink the commodities many do not think about anymore.

We announce airport pick-ups and drops, so whenever a driver has to go to the airport, we give our guests the chance to join him to town rather than having to call a taxi and contribute to an increase in traffic and to producing more unnecessary fumes.

Thinking ahead is crucial to doing something good for mother nature. Planning your moves allows getting organized and is one step closer to living an earth-conscious life.

We live in a very natural environment. Big mango trees grow on our land, the air is breezy and there is lots of shade. Yes it does feel good, but at the same time those trees have their effects on going green. They prevent us from getting solar power due to the shade, and when their fruits are ripe, solar and photovoltaic cells would get broken, because it will be raining mangos. Therefore, there is no way around a generator in case the power goes off.

Living in the first world, a life with no regular water or power supply is something very uncommon to think of. In the tropics where we live, power cut-offs are not common but do occur and go hand in hand with water shortage, due to the fact that we have our own well, so no power no pump. We have to have a generator, as we need to keep the fridges running so that the food stays good. But we refuse to get a really big one. We do not want to produce heaps of fumes just for the sake of having all comforts at all time.

Deprivation leads to appreciation. How about sharing quality time on the terrace with your loved one and a candle? Would you fancy a candle light dinner? Many of us are so detached from a life without electricity, so not having it is a must in order to reconnect to how it used to be. No internet. No air-condition. No music. Silence. Thank you for letting us be on this planet.

If we don’t start taking immediate action, there will be no planet to live on and to feed on. So reducing goes beyond fuel, electricity and water, all the way to the delicate matter of pesticides.

Given he fact that we live in the tropics, mosquitoes are something we have to deal with on a daily basis, so we do spray our gardens to get rid of those bugs. But we spray with neem oil. This is one of the few fully biological solutions what concerns pesticides.

Buying as much organically grown food is yet another way of reducing pesticides. The farmers we buy from commit to not using pesticides at all, except for neem oil, as we do.

You are safe and sound to eat only what you see, with no side effects, and at the same time you know that you contribute to the state of mother nature by spending time with us.

By helping us and by making our mission yours, you choose to support the planet.

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