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JL. Kubu Manyar 22 , Br Pipitan, Canggu, 80361 Bali, Indonesia
Tel/SMS/WhatsApp: +62 812 3958 3056 08:00 - 22:00 Bali time (GMT +7)

Education of our team and the community

Leading by example is probably the most effective way of teaching a greater public. Changes always start with actions of individuals. No revolution has ever happened from above but always commenced at the bottom. Voices and actions are joined until they are too loud and strong to be overheard and overseen by the authorities, and this is the way we believe in, the key to how we act.

We are living on a tropical island that is still way back in time. Of course we enjoy this way of life, and at the same time we often feel astonished and surprised in how far the locals are back in time. They are actually two generations back as far as environmental concern, habits and education are concerned. What is normal “at home” in the Western world is still future talk for Balinese locals.

Children are the ones to be taught, they are the future generations and can be reached at school or in communal activities. The problem is that the traditional Balinese family consists of at least three generations living under one roof. Babies, teenagers, parents, grandparents, and often great-grandparents. So actually we target all age groups and all generations, leading them by example, encouraging them to reflect upon their actions and to ask themselves why we do things differently when it comes to the environment.

Awareness of our guests

We encourage our guests to save electricity by turning on the air-conditions just before brushing their teeth, because the room won’t get any colder by having it on for hours before going to bed. We make them aware of the fact that our own well does not have unlimited water, so conscious usage is crucial – more to the minds than to a possibly dry well. We point out from where we get our food, how short the ways of transportation are, how we support organic farming, and why we buy local fish instead of e.g. grilling salmon in the tropics. We make them aware of all contained in this “green karma” section.

We do invest a lot in media promotion of the values we live by. Our calendar, of course printed on recycled paper, contains heaps of info and suggestions on books, films and websites dealing with a form of earth-consciousness that is lacking in many modern-day consumption-based societies. We encourage our guests, those who visit our website, and those who have heard of us through friends to take a closer look on NGOs and NPOs we recommend. We provide links to a great number of groups who have proven to be working ethically correct towards sustainable aims. We leave it up to our guests on how they go on having returned home after their memorable stay with us. We want you to know and feel that we do care – and how great it feels if you do care.

Sure, the majority of our guests are “Westerners” at least in their ways of thinking and what concerns their approach and mindset towards environmental issues, but we all know that it is just too easy to turn a blind eye on those topics. There are always some who care, but some are not enough. As mentioned in the beginning, change starts with the actions of individuals, and the more actions are taken, the greater the effect. Be it by facebook posts, by emailing links, by whatever sems appropriate, and most of all by doing what you say and walking your talk. Leading by example is the line it all comes down to, again and again.

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